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  2. Had to reset the forums because the backup I made didn't work -.- btw were keeping the name Distinction Gaming
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Surf Rules

Last Modified: Jan 3, 2017

Surf Rules

Make sure to follow out basic server rules here

We want our surf to be a nice and friendly environment. We expect you to not disrespect or make fun of anyone who isn't good at surfing. We all sucked at the start.

Playing Music

Playing music over mic is allowed, if it meets followed criteria;

  • Music must be played at reasonable sound
  • It can't contain any songs that are purposefully offensive
  • It must be a normal music (no ear rape, shit paradoys etc)
  • Only one player can play music over mic at the time
  • There shouldn't be any static in the sound - it must be clear to understand.
If someone else is playing music, wait for your turn or kindly ask him to let you do it.
Last Updated:
Jan 29, 2017
Jan 3, 2017
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