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Implemented jb_avalanche_csgo_b7

Discussion in 'Archive' started by thorgot, May 27, 2017.

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  1. thorgot

    thorgot User

    Nov 5, 2016
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    Map name: jb_avalanche_csgo_b7
    Map download link: Workshop Link (or click here for direct download)
    Why it should be removed/added: The lighting got broken in a recent update, so I figured I'd fix a few other minor issues while fixing that.

    • Add silenced M4A1s and R8s to armory.
    • Add health shots.
    • Remove dynamic lights to fix lighting issues caused by Valve's 5/12/17 update.
    • Replace dynamic lights indicating that buttons can be pressed with dynamic button textures.
    • Replace dynamic lights in Hot Potato / 4 Couches with sprites.
    • Remove fall damage in surf.
    • Add teleporter under cell block to try to fix elusive spawn point down there.
    • Fix hockey reset buttons so the puck can be reset whenever the warden wants.
    • Set hockey controls to require you look directly at them to reduce accidental presses.
    • Name unnamed buttons to make admins' jobs easier.
    • Add two more ropes at back end of climb room to make the experience more ladder-like and less dangerous.
    • Remove annoying player clip next to ledge over climb/race.
    • Make ice spiral stairs into func_details instead of func_brush to try to help a server where you can get stuck in them.
    • Adjust armory and solitary button times to match door times.
    • Adjust lights at ceiling of climb.
  2. Dashy

    Dashy Member Media Team

    Jan 25, 2017
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