Jailbreak Growing This Server


Feb 15, 2020
Hello, this server is amazing and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. For those of you who also want to see this server succeed, hear me out.
I used to be a divisional manager elsewhere and the best tip that I learned for growing the server and raising the average player census statistics was to maintain as many players online as possible 24/7.

What I mean by this is simple-- when you are not playing the server, AFK in spectator.

-Players looking for sanctuary from their home Jailbreak server are likely to join another Jailbreak server with a high population. These players are also the types of players who are likely to join and become involved, since they already have a good understanding of the gamemode and the community.
-New players are always looking for the highest player count as it is an indicator of server quality.
-Players will find the server through third party multiplayer server ranking sites such as gameme, topg, etc.

Happy gaming.
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