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Jan 6, 2020
Hello everyone,

As you probably already know, our Jailbreak server has finally opened for public. It might not be a finished product but it does work to the point where it's playable. Since most of you are here just for the IP here it is;

connect jailbreak.servers.distinction-gaming.org (just paste this in the console).

Regarding the server, you'll probably notice that there are a few changes. I think that it's best to go over them;
  • We replaced knives with fists. Some of you might not like this at the moment but we ask you to give it a try. There is one little trick with fists, right-clicking a CT with your fists will make them drop their equipped weapon. That way, you are able to just steal their weapons if you get chance to.
  • We updated T models. Now they are from Danger Zone update and are more suited for the Jailbreak environment.
  • T's now have a random chance of spawning with a tool (axe, wrench...). Those tools deal more damage to the CT's and can also be thrown and picked back up.
Since the server reopened and the website is new, I'm asking you all to link your steam on the forums again by clicking here.
If your steam won't be linked to the website you won't get your in-game ranks which are coming very soon.

A lot of you were asking about VIP and we added it. Currently, there are no perks yet enabled but they will be very soon. You can already see them down below.
You can purchase VIP by clicking here. All VIP purchasers will go towards server hosting and development.

VIP Perks:
  • 8 Rounds on Guard
  • Skins (if we add them)
  • Custom chat colour Chat
  • [VIP] tag
  • Vote Mute/Kick/Ban (1 hour)
  • A green name on the forums
  • Green VIP tag under the name on forums
  • VIP subforum
I would also like to remind you that if you were admin in the past, you can make contact leadership ticket asking for the rank back. We will be giving them back for a few more days so make sure to hurry up.

One last thing I'd like to mention are member applications. Currently, we aren't processing them just yet but if you wish to be a member of the community click here and apply. (make sure you post under member applications.)

That is all for now. Kieran and I would like to thank you again for deciding to stick with us and play on the server and wish you all a wonderful day.
As always, have any questions, drop them down below.
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