May Promotions

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Community Manager
Jan 2, 2020
As we are set to enter our fourth month back, it's time again to promote some members to admin to join our ranks. These members have shown they are dedicated to playing on the server frequently and show promising knowledge of our rules. Look forward to playing with them on the server as they start their journey as Distinction Gaming admins.

We also have some badges we are giving out to our dedicated admins and players who constantly help the server grow or who are very active in the division they are currently in. We want to recognize the selected group and thank them for their work and time.

If you weren't on the list and may be wondering why I suggest you check this guide. It should give you more insight on what you should focus on. If you would like to get any tips on how to improve and have a greater chance of getting promoted, you can also contact QA leadership which will gladly help you out.

Admins, do not forget to request your training by clicking here.

I want to again congratulate everyone that got promoted. You all deserved it without any question.
Not open for further replies.